55th Anniversary Celebrity tributes to Vince Hill

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55th Anniversary Celebrity tributes to Vince Hill

British singer/songwriter Vince Hill is currently celebrating his ’55th Anniversary’ as a solo singer with much of his life’s work of music being re-issued. This includes over 300 songs digitally remastered for download worldwide and his ‘LEGACY‘ greatest hits CD alongside two other very special CD releases by Sony Music & Cherry Red Records.

Some of Vince’s celebrity friends and peers from the world of show-business, who he worked with over the last 55 years, now reflect on the man and his music:

Dame Barbara Windsor, DBE (Actress)
“One of the most fun and best pantomime memories I have is the Christmas [1971] I worked alongside the fantastic and talented Mr Vince Hill. I will never forget listening to his wonderful rendition twice daily in Cinderella of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in Liverpool. You will never meet a more charming and lovely man in our profession.”
Dame Vera Lynn (Singer)
“Vince is a real gentleman who is kind, helpful and so easy to get along with. His wonderfully relaxed style of singing has always been much admired and appreciated. It has been a great pleasure to work with him over the years and I send him my very best wishes.”
Suzi Quatro (Singer & Actress)
“I had the pleasure of working with Vince Hill on GAS STREET, which was broadcast on ITV in 1989.  Although we both had our own separate days once a week, we did do the first show together, and sang, ‘it takes two’… so.. crooner meets rock and roller’!! A true gentleman.  Congratulations Vince.”
Tony Christie (Singer & Actor)
“I well remember a tour Vince and I did together with the Squadronairs big band back in the early 80’s. Vince is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet and he is what I call “Old  School” , a charming gentleman and a great singer.”
Don Black (Songwriter & BBC Radio 2 Presenter)
“I’ve been a fan of Vince’s ever since I first heard him sing. He has a gift that all the truly great singers possess – instant recognition. There is no mistaking his tone and heartfelt storytelling. As they say across the pond, he’s the real deal.”
 Roger Greenaway (Songwriter & Record Producer)
“Vince Hill is the true singers’ singer.  One of the great voices of his generation as well as a wonderful impressionist ( I love his Ken Dodd ) and a real professional and all round nice man.”
David Mackay (Record Producer)
“In my opinion there are a select few singers who bring the meaning of a song to life, and are blessed with a special gift. Vince is in a very exclusive club. I rate him with Sinatra, Matt Monroe and Mel Torme. Sensational pitch and liquid smooth delivery, while putting so much heart into a lyric. Barrie Guard and I recorded 3 albums with Vince. Some recording at my studio in Surrey with the last recording taking place in the wonderful Chappels studio in London, conducted by Alan Ainsworth.  Producing with Vince and Alan was like driving a Rolls Royce.”

Jackie Lee (Singer)

“Vince always wanted to be a star and it seems his wishes came true. We had lots of great laughs when we were with ‘The Raindrops’. It seemed we were always waiting on a station for a train to somewhere or other. If a train arrived that wasn’t ours Vince would climb aboard and close the door roll down the window and do his Russian goodbye which was hilarious…. There was the time we were doing cabaret in London. He was very late arriving and we were just about to go on stage, it seems he had a slight car accident and he was frantic. We were ready to go on as a threesome but Vince pleaded with us to let him walk on stage in his ordinary day suit which wasn’t the greatest, so of course we said okay. So we ran out on the stage with three of us dressed to the nines and poor Vince in his shabby suit and did our show.They were the good old days. Great laughs and wonderful memories.”

Ernie Dunstall (Songwriter, Musical Director & Pianist)

“My close friendship with Vince goes back to our early time together with the Teddy Foster Orchestra. We stayed in touch over the years and at the time of the success of ‘Edelweiss’ got together again as a [song] writing team and musical partnership touring at home and around the world from Batley and Wakefield variety theatres to the London Palladium and the Talk Of The Town. We spread our wings to include Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada etc. Latterly Vince and Anne and I continue the closest of friendship, spending times together and hours on the phone going over all the fun times that were our past. What a time it was!”

Phil Hinton (Musical Director & Pianist)

“I worked as Vince’s pianist and MD for just over ten years. I took over from Ernie Dunstall. Not once, in all those years did we even remotely fall out. Those ten years were, and still remain, without question, the best years of my life. Both Vince and Annie had a natural capacity to make all their musicians feel as though they were family. 22 years later and Vince (and Annie up until her passing) still remains one of my dearest friends and one of the most special people ever.”

Bill Munday (Portrait Painter)

“Vince and I have been friends for many years. We both love boating on the Thames, and at one time played tennis regularly together….A couple of years ago Vince’s book “Another Hill to Climb” was published and was featured at the Henley Literary Festival. I introduced him to the audience and acted as his interlocutor. I was privileged to see that my painting adorned the cover of the book. Incidentally Vince was reduced to tears once when I painted a surprise sepia miniature portrait of his father and gave it to him on one of his ‘special’ birthdays.”

Ted Carfrae (Record Producer & Mastering Engineer)

“Meeting Vince Hill the first time is like meeting a close family member. He and Annie shared many wonderful times with me that I will never forget. As an artist he is unique, he is the Singer of Songs and he possesses one of the greatest voices in British music history, arguably recording more albums and singles than any other EMI artist. For the past eight years, the mission for Annie and myself has been to ensure Vince’s recorded legacy is out there forever and this year it finally happened as all his albums are now available worldwide. Huge congratulations Vince on this 55th year career milestone, If anyone deserves this recognition you do my friend.”