The Lost Sessions: 1969-1991

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The Lost Sessions: 1969-1991

  • Release date: 2018-11-09
  • Catalog #: VINCO 02

‘The Lost Sessions’ is a very special project for me as it will be the final original album of my music career. It came about after a surprise discovery in my lock up of an old suitcase packed full of lost studio session tapes! I was amazed to find inside many wonderful unreleased recordings which I had completely forgotten about and are now featured on this release. What I am most proud of is that half of the songs featured on this album originate from the wonderful songwriting partnership I had with my former musical director Ernie Dunstall (who I worked with from the late 1960s on many of my records, BBC shows & concert tours). I have also included on this album several piano/vocal demo recordings which will give you an intimate insight into how we begin a newly penned song (before it is fully orchestrated in the studio). Enjoy!” – Vince Hill

Bonus Tracks:

Executive Producer: Vince Hill
Album Producer: Stephen Munns
Tape Transfers, Restoration & Remastering: Ted Carfrae (

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