Oh What A Guy

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Oh What A Guy

I’m sorry to have to tell you Johnny Worth, my dear friend of many years has sadly passed away.

I am sure many friends and writers in our business will always remember Johnny for his wonderful songs throughout the years, what a phenomenal talent.
Johnny and I first met back in the early 60s when Johnny joined the Raindrops, a vocal quartet – Len Beadle and his wife Jackie Lee completed the band.

John and I spent many happy years together both in and out of the band before we set out on our solo carriers.
We laughed, we cried and sometimes we screamed at one another but we never, ever fell out!

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the music and songs Johnny wrote, for so many…
For me… The Rivers Run Dry, There You Go, Day At The Seaside

Here’s a song that perhaps fits the bill, John…
I’m Gonna Make You An Offer YOU Can’t Refuse
– Because Johnny, you certainly can’t turn this one down!

Forget Me Not
– We certainly won’t

Vince x