A Wonderful Story…

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A Wonderful Story…

I’d love to share this wonderful tale with you…
Made my day when I read it.
It was kindly emailed to me by the daughter of a lovely lady from Carlisle called Win.
Thank you so much for relaying it to me!

Win’s daughter told me her mum was asked if she’d like to be lightly sedated during her knee operation and would she like to have some music playing?
She said she’d love to hear Vince Hill…
So, thanks, to the wonders of the internet, Win listened to Vince Hill songs throughout the entire procedure.
The staff had never seen such a calm, content patient!

I’d never have imagined my dulcet tones would one day prove to be an effective anaesthetic…!

Here’s to Win, with all my best wishes

– Love Vince x

Win – Heard you have a hip op coming up…
Sounds like you need another album!
– I’ll send my Lost Sessions!

That reminds me…!
If you need any gift inspiration for Mother’s Day…
You’ll find (see what I did there?!) The Lost Sessions via The Shop Tab

Love to all wonderful Mothers

Vince x